Sport Club of Western University

The Western University Sport Club was established by the Western University in 2004/ 2005. The members of the SC are the employees, students of the WU and the pupils of the school under WU, which are taking part in the work of SC and sharing the aims of SC.
The aims of SC are the organization of the process of health of the employees and students of the WU by means of physical culture and sport, support of social initiatives directed to the development of physical health movement of WU.

The main tasks of SC are:
— organization of physical mass health and sport events for employees and students of WU.
— organization of section works on all kinds of sports
— organization of training and performance of the university team and members of the SC in district, city, republic and international competitions.
— to strengthen and develop material and technical basis.
— rising of social activity of the WU staff.
— propaganda of healthy life style
— organization and financing of the events on problem solving of the WU

The activity of the SC is coordinated and directed by the administration of the WU.

SC is one of the founders and members of the Extreme and Air Sport Federation.
The teams, also the members of the SC, were prizewinners of city and republican tournament on several kinds of sports.

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